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Comment préparer sa voiture pour l'hiver ?

Comment préparer sa voiture pour l'hiver ?

The Quebec winter promises to be, like every year, very harsh. It is therefore essential to prepare your vehicle well, to ensure that it is equipped with all the necessary accessories to cope with dreadful weather conditions and thus guarantee the safety of the driver and passengers.


How to prepare your car for the Quebec winter?


To start, it is recommended that you make an appointment at least two months before the arrival of winter to examine your car thoroughly and carefully. 

The choice of the maintenance garage is decisive. Moreover, at our Toyota dealership in Joliette, we promise you a team of professionals who will meet your needs and expectations.


When it comes to examining your automobile, it is advisable to start with an inspection of the belts and hoses to locate any bulges, leaks or cracks. Then, also remember to check the headlights of your vehicle. Polishing is the best ally against the damage of time.


Of course, it is very important to thoroughly inspect the block heater. Your mechanic must ensure that the wire and the power supply socket are free of any cracks. 


Which tires to choose to overcome snow and ice?


Tires suitable for snow to cover long kilometers in complete safety are essential. As soon as the temperatures drop below 7°C, go to a garage to exchange your current tires for winter tires. The characteristics to take into account when choosing your tire are:


  • The rubber: this is what gives the tire flexibility and grip on the ground. The best tires are natural rubber.
  • Tread pattern: the network of 3D sipes and deep grooves efficiently evacuate water and snow.


Winter accessories for your car 


First, we suggest that you pack non-slip snow chains in your trunk. Snow shoes are also a good accessory to consider.


Aside from the wheels, always keep a bottle of coolant in your car. This extracts excess heat from your engine. You can also carry the following accessories:

  • A snow brush, a squeegee and gloves;
  • A safety kit which includes a first aid kit, water, food and a blanket;
  • A flashlight ;
  • Charging cables.


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